Terry Carl Clothing Logo Monogram Design London

Terry Carl Clothing Logo Monogram was the right plan going forward for a start-up brand logo of its sister company for a targeted market.

Project Brief

Monogram for the clothing line by Terry Karl London designer for young youthful. The names or monograms on the clothing separate itself from other Terry Karl brand logos.


Terry Carl Clothing logo monogram was required y the client to tie the name and clothing, hence the bow thread knot coming off the K to tie them together

I then went to work with the choice of typography and presented 6 concepts.


Terry Karl Clothing Logo Design Monogram


Terry Carl Clothing Logo Design and Lable

Terry Carl Clothing Logo Monogram Bw
Terry Carl Clothing Logo Monogram Wb
Terry Carl Clothing Logo Monogram Social

Treey Carl Clothing Design Additional Information

The logo design objective is to create a bold, clean solid logo to emphasise naturally sourced materials with low environmental impact – sustainable clothing.

The concept presentation follows the logo brief, an elegant luxury style with alternatives with wider, thinner and broader strokes. The brand name is long presented issues, length of words. The brief required robust and bold typography; with a range of typeface exploration, it became clear that there were limits to its use on labels and clothing tags to be clear and recognisable.

In the second phase, we experimented with more typefaces with the wordmark, created three logo concepts, and a further three with the brand name initials all varying in weight.

In conclusion to the two forms, the full wordmark against the brand’s initials was in favour of its strong and clear presentation on the mockups.