Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design – Challenge 11

by | Mar 25, 2018

San-Claire Creative Designs

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Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design


The briefing was a conservative with little to no indication of what was needed, Joy of sweets, colourful and legible from a distance.


Sweets, colour, fun, candy, lollipop, wrapped candy, chocolate.


Quite a challenge to get so much into a logo, elements of sweets, candy, lollipop all seemed very heavy in details to make them fun and joyful. Most ideas ended up looking as old Victorian style which looked great but was the lack of information and contact with the client that made most ideas risky.


The final choice was not the best one in my view; more could have been done to make it more joyful and fun. I feel it did not do justice.

I feel that the one day challenge is making the process very narrow field of view. I see that day after the work looks terrible, and that one needs to move away from an idea and come back with clear head to be able to see. I could have remade the logo or used other ideas but time-limited and would go against the whole idea of the challenge.

Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design Shop Sign

Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design Shop Sign #2

Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design Shopping Bag

Sweets Candy Shop Logo Design Shopping Bag