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Phanomena Creative Solutions – Merchandise Design

Phanomena Creative Solutions project to produce a display banner, bags, and cups for the exhibition in 2013.

Phanomena Creative Solutions is a production management consultancy for film and TV, and the project was to create some posters and merchandise for the trade show. After careful discussion, Phanomena wished to have a bright new look to the signs, bags, pens and mugs with the colour pallet of their pre-designed brochures and pamphlets. 

The options placed before us was limited but understandable. The project had to be within its branding rules, and the new posters, bag and accessories new look had to follow brand guidelines. We came up with a few concepts for the first phase, which the client was happy with, and we selected and finalised the project.



Design for Phanomena Creative Solutions wanted to provide cans of water to the show instead of plastic bottles for ecological reasons and an exhibition poster and bag for the event.

The requirement for merchandise design for each of the giveaway products.


Exhibition Merchandise Design. A strong and stunning poster with clean lines and emphasise on the areas it covers whin the broadcasting field


Project Includes

Bag design


Client:  John McHugh
Date:  2013
Skills:  Photography and Photoshop

BVE Event


Exhibition Merchandise Design

Phanomena exhibition merchandise design street billboard
Phanomena exhibition merchandise design posters
Phanomena exhibition merchandise design cards
Phanomena exhibition merchandise design can and cup
Phanomena exhibition merchandise design bags
Phanomena exhibition merchandise design cutlery and napkin

Additional Information

An exciting project aside from the design, all the items had to be found so the design elements could be made for each of them.

John McHugh is also known as John McHugh Designs