Logo Brand Design: Peripheral Vision Films

Peripheral Vision Films. Directors: Darren BradeWesley Mahoney (co-director) 

Peripheral Vision Films is the creation of Darren Brade and Wesley Mahoney, two London based filmmakers.
In 2018 we wrote, produced and filmed “Do What Thou Wilt”, a short film about two women whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and there’s a serial killer on the loose.


Define Your Brand Design

Who are you as a film director? Vision and imagination.

What are you doing? Creating imagery still and motion, telling stories.

Why are you doing it? Exploration, creativity.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Design Direction
Final Design
Design Presentation


Client:  Darren Brade and Wesley Mahoney
Date:  2nd July

Peripheral Vision Films – Short Film Production

Peripheral Vision Films Logo Brand Design

Peripheral Vision Films V3
Peripheral Vision Films Store Sign Logo
Peripheral Vision Films Business Card
Peripheral Vision Films Poster
Peripheral Vision Films Logo Mockup 17 Wall Sign Dof
Colour &Amp; Typography
Peripheral Vision Flims Facebook Mockup

Additional Information

Develop Your Brand Design

We are a new start-up with big ambitions we plan to start with a portfolio with short stories with a verity of genres to showcase our skills and imagination in filming and direction. The road ahead is long; Peripheral Vision will need recognition in the industry, with marketing and submissions.

Brand Voice

Our brand voice needs to instil quality, excitement, reliability and imagination.

Typography Selection

The typography needs to be strong, bold and timeless hey needs to be able to go on many surfaces, not just paper but glass, pottery equipment boxes as well on all equipment and transport.

Colour Palette

Colour is light reflecting on surfaces; we are going white and black. This will instil a clean and sophisticated style. The logo is just the tip of the iceberg, then finalise the fonts, Colour and overall style, ensuring it is cohesive and consistent with the brand as a whole.


All our imagery will need a story behind them. Every project will need its look as to the leading brand we would like the use of patterns for our representation.

Design Your Brand Elements

The logo needs to work on many mediums a strong and tall, clear and recognisable. The logo will be on many surfaces with different textures and sizes.

The website will be white and black with a clean look and loads of whitespace so that projects stand out and take priority over other elements. Here will show how the website will look like in a prototype until the webmaster has all the assets, logo and elements.

Social Media
We will need an assortment of images and icons for each of the social media platforms, with flexibility so that each new project can stand by itself and the logo. The social media logo needs to be recognisable at all times.

As you can see in the image, there are four sets: Facebook, Twitter, Linkin and Instagram. Peripheral Vision Films logomark will play a significant role here as well as Banners for Facebook and Linkedin.

Physical Elements
The design team will test and experiment with how the Peripheral Vision films logo will look on a promotional pen or a cap. We will make a list of all relevant items at the start of this process to see what works.

We have designed a good set of physical elements stationery, mouse mat. Other items include a staff shirt with an embossed logo.

All storage boxes and the equipment Itself will all need to be marked with the logo.

The mission is to create stories that will touch home with the viewer, open their minds to different parts of the world around us, captivating moments.

360 Degree vision of the world and stories around us.

We believe that our market spectrum can vary with each project. We think that limiting ourselves to restricted geography would stun our creativity and imagination. As we start on this road, we will need to see what stories devolve around us and the times.

Our audience is from a broad spectrum. Our view is to bring stories from a varied array of genres and challenging storylines that will keep the audience engaged.