Horniman Museum Logo Redesign Concept

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Chris San-Claire Design – Graphic Designer London

History of Horniman Museum

The museum was founded in 1901 by Frederick John Horniman. Frederick had inherited his father Horniman’s Tea business, which by 1891 had become the world’s most significant tea trading business.

The cash from the business allowed Horniman to indulge his lifelong passion for collecting, and after travelling considerably and had some 30,000 items in his various collections, ranging from natural history, cultural artefacts and musical instruments.

In 1911, an additional building to the west of the main building, formerly containing a lecture hall and library, was donated by Frederick Horniman’s son Emslie Horniman. Townsend also designed this. A new extension, opened in 2002, was designed by Allies and Morrison.


Subject Horniman Museum Rebrand Concept

Project for City and Guild Graphic Design Course, the brief was to create a new set of signs to direct visitors. The aim was to colour-code the department and differentiate each area so visitors could follow the signs.


Clear visual signage
Colour coded

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Design Direction
Final Design
Design Presentation


Client: City and Guild
Subject: Horniman Museum  Concept

Logo Redesign and Signage

Horniman museum logo redesign concept
Horniman museum logo mockup
Horniman museum logo redesign and signage
Horniman museum building signage

Additional Information 

Horniman Museum logo and signage concept design was part of the coursework for the City & Guild Graphic Design course in London. A successful logo design needs to be clear and travel. Through time ageless.