Film Logo Design Challenge 29

FILM is a non-profit supporting film student with scholarships, free trips. FILM will help to reach them in their career goals. We have helped many well-known directors while they were students including some who had blockbuster success.

Fashionista Logo Design Challenge 28

Fashionista is a women’s fashion app that pairs your current wardrobe with amazing deals at local stores around you. For example, a user could enter in two pairs of jeans and one yellow shirt, and our app will return with other clothes that pair well with those jeans and shirt as well as complimented outfits.

FitBitNSF Logo Design – Challenge 27

We work directly with the National Football League and get real-time health data from the athletes during games and practices. Each player wears a FitBit and everything from their heart rate to their speed gets sent to our app.

Avocado Logo Design – Challenge 24

Avocado Logo Design – Avocado is an upcoming app for smart grocery shopping! Our bundle includes a mount for your phone to attach to the handle of your grocery cart/buggy and will scan each item as you put it in your shopping trolly.

Deadbeat Logo Design – Challenge 23

Deadbeat is an online music community focused on EDM, Drum & Bass, House, Dubstep, etc. type of music. Our close competitors for your reference are Monstercat and 99Lives.Focus on the dead + beat idea. Dead could be a skull or zombie and the beat (music) featuring either headphones or music equaliser styles.

Personal Logo Design – Challenge 22

Personal Logo Design – Challenge 22 CS Designs, this was a hard project to fulfil to be your critic without a chance to let the idea grow, hitting your head against the wall. I was an enjoyable project and found many of thing about myself. To think that coke can stain on some sketches would give the minimalistic result.

Sprinkles Logo Design – Challenge 21

Sprinkles Logo Design – Sprinkles is an ice cream shop with stores across the United States. We pride ourselves in the best tasting ice cream on the planet. We’ve won numerous awards for our taste and innovative flavours. We’re like the Willy Wonka of ice cream.

Freelance Logo Design Challenge 20

Freelance is company for people just like yourself! We’re an online system that helps freelancers (designers, artists, and all other creative types) manage their invoices, time, projects, client communication, etc. in one suite.

Sakura Logo Design Challenge 18

Sakura Logo Design – The name of my shop is called Sakura. Which means flowering cherry (blossom) tree, so I would be cool with using a cherry blossom, but please don’t feel that you need to use this, just an idea!

Fast Logo Design – Challenge 17

Fast Logo Design – Fast is an online form generator where users can generate and interact with any variety of forms like W9, contracts, etc. It’s perfect for freelancers and home business.

Pups Logo Design – Challenge 15

Pups Logo Design – Pups is a new online subscription service focused on dog food, toys, and medicine delivery. Our users sign up for weekly or monthly delivery of premium dog food straight to their door!

BookWorm™ Logo Design – Challenge 14

BookWorm™ is a growing online bookstore and we’re looking to get a logo designed. I’m not really good at this kind of stuff so I don’t know how much help I can be. We just want to see what you can come up with.

JJ Pizza Logo Design – Challenge 13

JJ Pizza Logo Design – We are so excited that you’re taking on our rebrand! JJ Pizza has been serving the Chicago area with the very best pizza since 2002. We’re rated #1 for the area and now it’s time to step up our game!

Sword & Shield Logo Design – Challenge 12

Sword & Shield is an upcoming security system for tech companies. Our software includes password protection, server backups, malware protection, and more. We’re focused on appealing to medium to large scale technology companies.

Anchor Logo Design – Challenge 10

The anchor is a clothing line for the nautical lovers! Many of our products are produced with recycled boat sail material. We’re looking for a reasonably simple logo that of course features the iconic shape of an anchor. While blue is evident in colour, try something outside of blue.

Paint Logo Design Challenge 9

Paint™ is a fantastic mobile app that allows you to take a photo of anything and it will automatically pull up the correct colour in multiple formats including Sherwin Williams Paint, PANTONE Color, and many more.

Austin Run Logo Design – Challenge 7

Austin Run Logo Design Challenge 7 – Austin Run is a charitable event for autism research and raises money for families in need of care, education, and information. The Austin Run event has many people dressing up in crazy outfits, everyone having fun. Last year we had someone dressed as Darth Vader followed by 50 Storm Troopers!

Wildlife Logo Design – Challenge 5

Wildlife We’re a non-profit organisation that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals throughout the world. Our organisation is known for our passion and personal investment in the lives of animals.

Ping Logo Design – Challenge 4

Ping is a growing chat platform for businesses and small teams. Some of our biggest competitors are Slack and Skype. What sets us apart is that we offer major features like group screen sharing, free of charge.

The Grind Coffee Shop Logo Challenge 2

The Grind Coffee Shop Logo Challenge 2 – The Grind prides itself on natural and local ingredients. For our new logo, we do not want to use any browns! So many coffee shops around here use brown, and we’d like to stand out. Maybe oranges, green, other earth tones, etc. could work well.

Space Logo Design – Challenge 1

Space Logo Design – Challenge 1 – Space. We’re so happy to have your work on our logo design! Space is building co-working offices so that freelancers and small startup companies have a beautiful office to work out of without paying the big bucks to buy or lease a large building.