Jusme by OPAC is a Packaging Design

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Chris San-Claire Design – Graphic Designer London

OPAC Product Packaging Design

Jusme is the final name for the new juice packaging process; it goes as follows;

Fruit Juice is the brief I took for my project; I looked around at other fruit juice companies and researched the designs and ideas. Then I started looking for a name that would grab attention and deliver the brief; here are some of the names that came up with at the time.

Opac is what I went for. It did not mean anything evident at first glance but came from the ingredients. (Orange – Pear- Apple – Cranberry)

Jusme was the product itself; it had a gimmick; with hundreds of drinks out there, it had it be fun and appealing. So looking for names, I looked at other languages juice in French jus. So I went for this; I also wanted to add more to it as an idea about me and being fresh and thirst-quenching.

Then returned to the brief. To look at how I would design this, I used word games to develop ideas.

I designed the logo for the company and choose the typeface for it; future standards gave the soft roundness that I required for the shape of the fruit as most are of that form, and if fruits attract us naturally, by shape and colour, why not take that from it.

As I re-looked at the ideas and project brief, I realised I could continue using the fruit Idea and the ME for other products under the opac name.

Jusme Typeface

Jusme typeface, clean and sharp but still smooth and appealing. I am text block. Click the edit button to change this text.

This is another attempt to develop a design for the jusme brand name.

The first idea of the layout the bands of colour, the fresh splash and the jusme. “This did not work. The image was wrong and limited to its use. The strips were not working with the idea.”

Much the same but this time, the splash was a vector and was able to adjust to the restrictions, the background more natural and more manageable. The opac stood proud, but there was something not working, and after time, I came to realise it was that both names were fighting for its space.

A review of all the elements was done to see how all of the details could live with each having its place and importance. Hence the product is born. have a look at the final project.