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I’ve been a graphic designer for the last five years, and my so-called studio has specialised in logo design, taking a bundle of boring information and using designs to make it attractive.’ Here is where |I will share it with you.

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Iconic graphic designer logo: the definitive guide

Iconic Graphic Designer Logo: The Definitive Guide

Creating an Iconic Graphic Designer Logo Designers know the importance of a great first impression, which is why graphic designer logos are some of the most creative and compelling logos. At a glance, a suitable logo builds trust in your design skills and sets you...

The golden ratio: unlock the perfect logo design

The Golden Ratio: Unlock the Perfect Logo Design

Introduction Logo design is an art form that can be used to create a logo, corporate identity, or other design elements. It’s also an important part of any marketing strategy because it impacts the way your brand is perceived by its customers and prospects. The Golden...

Graphic designer logo how to choose the right colours

Graphic Designer Logo How to Choose the Right Colours

Choosing the right colours can make or break your graphic designer logo. Whether you're hoping your logo will capture people's attention or help build trust in your brand, a practical, eye-catching colour palette is key. Here you'll find everything you need to know...

Easy digital filing system how to organise 2021

Easy Digital Filing System How to Organise 2021

How to plan a digital filing system? All our files and images are cloud storage, multiple devices, and portable storage systems in today's digital world. A digital filing system and how to organise it This article will address Microsoft Windows, OneDrive, and mobile...

Brand design process – guide to get the best result

Brand Design Process – Guide to Get the Best Result

Brand Design Process The Comprehensive Guides to Get the Best Result; A strong brand is one of the keys to make your business or project standing out from the crowd. You can have a perfect product or service, large capital, incredible people to work with, but these...

Grow your youtube channels in 9 simple tactics

Grow Your YouTube Channels in 9 Simple Tactics

Simple Tactics to Grow Your YouTube YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms, with almost one billion active users. This is around 1/7th of the total population of the entire world. If you have a YouTube channel, you need to capture as many views as...

Your videos get no views? How to make them trending

Your Videos Get No Views? How To Make Them Trending

With its expanding prominence, TikTok has become the most focal web-based media application. Consequently, it's getting somewhat hard for individuals to acquire views with countless other users swarming the app, and creating their videos. Is it true that you are...

4 rules of successful logo design and timesaving

4 Rules of Successful Logo Design and Timesaving

The Four Rules for a Successful logo Design and timesaving Here are my four rules to identify a successful logo design for a project and save time. Over the direction of my creative profession, I’ve laboured many logo rebranding tasks. A logo architecture might look...

How can i learn marketing through instagram?

How Can I Learn Marketing Through Instagram ?

To learn marketing through Instagram, you must understand the points which are used for Instagram Marketing. These points will help you to grow your account on Instagram. Also, with the help of these steps, you can learn Instagram marketing quickly. These steps are...

Best logo collection 2018

Best Logo Collection 2018

The Logo Collection of 2018 Style is something we look for year after year, new ways of communicating messages within our logos designs. Typography plays an important part in the messaging style, weight and combinations. There is also the logo mark which can play an...

9 logo design tips that will make your life easy to create logos

9 Logo Design Tips That Will Make Your Life Easy To Create Logos

“A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolises, not the other way around.” —Paul Rand 9 Logo Design Tips Typography in logo design can break or make a design, and here I will give you some logo design tips, so it’s vital you know your typographic...

Why is brand identity your business personality? Persona

Why is Brand identity your Business Personality? Persona

Branding: History and Global use The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the...

December graphic design projects

December Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Design Projects December Graphic Design Projects Fire S, Blue Sapphire S and Antonio Fargas logo designs. Where some of my project ideas were in December, there were many more; some I dare show and others will work in progress. However, I did wish to share...

Vaping: five years progress my thought’s

Vaping: Five Years Progress My thought’s

Vaping in the past five years I was first introduced to vaping while conversing with my brother; I complained that I could no longer afford my 30-a-day cigarette habit, leaving me with no funds at the end of the day. When I had stopped smoking a couple of times, but...

Jusme by opac is a packaging design

Jusme by OPAC is a Packaging Design

OPAC Product Packaging Design Jusme is the final name for the new juice packaging process; it goes as follows; Fruit Juice is the brief I took for my project; I looked around at other fruit juice companies and researched the designs and ideas. Then I started looking...

Design cover 80’s scrapbook

Design Cover 80’s Scrapbook

The 1980s Scrapbook Cover This project's objective was to develop a cover design for the  Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising ( 80s Scrapbook collection. After reading and researching, I looked for icons of that time that I could...

San-Claire Design Blog

I’m a graphic designer, and over the last five years, my so-called studio. specialised in logo design where we take a bundle of boring information and use design to make it attractive and send a message of its role, ventures, and image out to the world.’ Welcome to my blog about graphic design topics.

I like graphics; they can tell stories that are difficult to understand or interpret. They can be simple messages such as love, sadness or joy or complex scenes that send the viewers’ imagination to different realms.

In 2021 I took a break from writing; the time was hectic worldwide, and my attention went off in a different direction – Hoping 2023 will bring more focus to what I love.

We see it all around us today, with digital images popping up before we take them to print. Print work was a way to distribute and collect information from guides to places one could not reach through storytelling and fantasy. However, broadcast media made some things more reachable.

Books and magazines fill our daily life with images and editorials about the world we live in. But now, we are in the digital age. There is more information than we can digest, images by the billions.

Here is where I will share it with you in this blog.

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