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Something about me

Hello, a little about me, my name is Christopher John San–Claire; born in 1967 in Madrid, Spain and moved to England in 1984. Since living in London, I have had a variety of jobs.

My passion has always been to create drawings or photographs after an extended period of trying to decide which mediums I would like to work with.

I took up Graphic Design at Kensington and Chelsea College doing a City and Guilds course. I learned the base of Design and Visual Communication since then, I have taken the role of a graphic designer.

I have not stopped there; I continue to study on Udemy, lynda.com, SkillShare and fellow designers on YouTube for new tips and tricks.

The future is constantly changing, and one has to keep up with the latest technology and trends. I am concentrating on authentic logo design and branding to evolve my skills in visual communication.

About Chris San-Claire

A Story

The story about where I started this journey that took me to this moment! Arts and crafts have played a big part in my childhood, and photography is where I started this journey.

I learned darkroom processing and had a small studio light set up doing macro photography to studio work; once the digital camera’s advent came to be, a new start began.

I was the start of digital with HTLM4 and Cascading Style Sheets. It was about the year 2000. I set up my first website to show my work.

I learned HTML to create the site, which took me further into web design as an offshoot of photography; with the introduction of faster internet ADSL and Digital.

I expanded my skills. Macromedia Dreamweaver, followed by Adobe Photoshop, were my new toys. Check out the portfolio

Naturous logo design - about me

With greater access to the digital world, photography took more of a role on a computer retouching was a fantastic skill to have and allowed creativity to flow, moving on to image manipulation and composition; it was the gateway to graphic design.

It began with city and guild courses in graphic design and adobe, and for some time, I was a jack of all trades and master of none. At this point, I had given up on photography as the main subject and became more involved in the digital artwork side of things not long after creating logos for a friend.

I got increasingly into the logo design, taking an online course at LogoCore with a mentoring program.

It was an invaluable experience, followed by the thirty-day logo challenge, where I learned a lot trying to produce a logo in one day. I critiqued my work which was another learning experience.

The following year I went further to brand identity, a whole new area and complex to learn. I took a course by Lindsay Marsh – The Branding Masterclass for Graphic Designers: The Entire Process and a few other ones here and there to expand my knowledge and skills.

About San-Claire Design

The site’s traffic has increased by 60% in 30 days and has received positive feedback from the end customers, thanks to San-Claire Design. Teamwork and efficiency delivered the project successfully. The client was impressed by the team’s creativity and professionalism throughout the engagement.

An­tony Ye­nug

Founder, Paragon

San-Claire Design finished the project faster due to their well-organized project management. The team listened to all requests and requirements and communicated promptly during the engagement. Overall, they were responsive, patient, and knowledgeable.

Antonia Ragel

Board Member, Una voz de Ayuda

Really impressed by the range of projects and conceptual art your website promotes. There is a great sensitivity to colour, shape and form throughout which demonstrates an individual style and contemporary approach which engages the viewer to look even closer.

To me, these are the elements that make one artist stand out from another and the breath of your portfolio brings light and shade to each subject matter that combines both commercial and bespoke attention to detail which I always look for when in search of professional creative talent.

Your work processes a vibrant flare which integrates precise simplicity with sophisticated layered imagery to powerfully compliment an on trend branding sense and intuitive fresh logo approach.

John McHugh

Art Director / Production Design , John McHugh Design