About Chris San-Claire Design Lab

A passing idea, a sort of experimentation in the creation of graphic design in all its forms and principles

About Design Lab

The design lab is a new idea from an old irrelevant site that had seen its time. It was another redesign with old content or start fresh. I decided to have a website to show experiments, unfinished ideas, good or bad. It’s incredible how much work gets left on drives, never to be seen or heard off.

I have another site nuision.com where I have a portfolio, so I decided I create this site for my thoughts and ideas that I have been working on; it might work out or not, though I like the thought of having the work used in some way.

I’m hoping to cover logo design, brand identity, graphic artwork, posters and motion graphics with typography experimentation. I’m excited about not having the restrictions on showing or not and sharing thoughts and ideas with others.

About Chris San-Claire

A Story

The story about where I started this journey that took me to this moment! Arts and crafts have played a big part in my childhood, and photography is where I started this journey. I learned darkroom processing and had a small studio light set up doing macro photography to studio work; once the digital camera’s advent came to be, a new start began.

I was the start of digital with HTLM4 and Cascading Style Sheets it was about the year 2000. I set up my first website to show my work. I learned HTML to create the site that took me further into web design as an offshoot to photography; with the introduction of faster internet ADSL and Digital, I was expanding my skills. Macromedia Dreamweaver followed by Adobe Photoshop were my new toys.

With greater access to the digital world, photography took more of a role on a computer retouching was a fantastic skill to have and allow creativity to flow, moving onto image manipulation and composition; it was the gateway to graphic design.

It began with city and guild courses in graphic design and adobe, and for some time, I was a jack of all trades and master of none. At this point, I had given up on photography as the main subject and became more involved in the digital artwork side of things, not long after creating logos for a friend.

I got more and more into logo design, where I took an online course at LogoCore with a mentoring program. It was an invaluable experience followed by the thirty-day logo challenge, where I learn a lot trying to produce a logo in one day. I critique my work after which was another learning experience.

The following year I went further to brand identity, a whole new area and complex to learn. I took a course by Lindsay Marsh – The Branding Masterclass for Graphic Designers: The Entire Process and a few other ones here and there to expand my knowledge and skills.

So this is where we know creating a new website design lab a new project.


Exploration of Digital Creativity



Learn new skills. Look around see the shapes that form the world around us.



Seek out new skills and form ideas. Sketch all the images that come to mind, no matter the concept.



Use the newfound skills, shapes and forms to create new idea’s into form.



Put the ideas and theories into practice and create no matter what they may be.

Experimental Lab Vision

Expand and share the exploration of ideas through sketches, logos, digital artwork. While creating a catalogue of ideas and exploration in any shape or form that it takes.

This is an ambitious project, it easier said than done, hey it’s a plan let’s see where this journey takes us. Why not check out my work