Grow Your YouTube Channels in 9 Simple Tactics

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Simple Tactics to Grow Your YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms, with almost one billion active users. This is around 1/7th of the total population of the entire world. If you have a YouTube channel, you need to capture as many views as possible to grow your channel. How to boost YouTube views to make some money out of it is a big question.

We need to understand that what is more essential for us to grow our channel on YouTube is to have subscribers. Who can like and share your content on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more? Only your subscribers and your content quality can help you get YouTube views, which can further assist you in growing your channel so that you can make some money. Let’s discuss below how someone can boost YouTube likes and subscribers.

Post Multiple Times:

  • Studies show that the YouTube algorithm increases video visibility for those who post at least twice a week. YouTube channels that broadcast two or more two videos in a week are likely to grow faster than those that post once or twice a month. Keep a regular schedule for posting multiple videos in a week. This will boost your view time and give your viewers a reason to subscribe to your channel.


Keep Title Short:

  • Keep your title and opening short and punchy to make it more interesting. Long titles are bland; they discourage people from watching your video. Also, try to make the intro short because no one wants to watch the same thing repeatedly for so long. This will help you to increase your video watch time.


Attractive Thumbnails:

  • The thing which is more important than a title is thumbnails. It is the first thing that drives the attention of your viewers. So always try to make it entrusting. Spending some time on your thumbnails is always recommended to improve them. You can take the help of other third-party software or agencies like Tactics Media and Canva to design eye-popping video thumbnails. Which is easy to use, plus they provide a free version too.


Do Collaborations:

  • Everyone knows the power of collaboration, which is not new on YouTube. Do partnerships with your niche-related channels that have a similar audience. This is among the most effective and common tricks to grow your channel. By opting for it definitely, you will gain an instant audience for your YouTube Channel.


Give-Away Contest:

  • If your channel is new, it is always recommended to organize a giveaway contest in which you can ask your existing audience to share your videos and channel link with their friends. In return, you will give away an iPhone or a PSP to a random user from your subscriber list. This will make your channel popular instantly in a particular region. This trick is potent if you create content for a specific region’s audience.


Add Watermark:

  • Watermarks help to increase the brand value of your YouTube channel. It is straightforward to implement. This adds another reason for your viewers to subscribe to your channel. If you are a company or an organization, you should add your logo as your watermark.


Share Your Videos URL:

  • The best thing about social media platforms is that you can cross-share your content on different platforms simultaneously. For example, sharing your YouTube video on other platforms like Twitter or Facebook boosts your video visibility instantly; this helps you gain new viewers.


Use Hashtags & Keywords:

  • Use keywords in your title and description. This will help you optimize your video on the search engine result page and use hashtags to increase your video visibility or related video section. An adorable and beneficial trick to increase video visibility.


Buy YouTube Views:

  • Go online and search for social media services providing agencies to buy subscribers cheaply or purchase views. Everyone follows this secret tactic, but they will never let you know. For example, many Hollywood celebrities buy Youtube likes to boost their video on the trending lists. This is easy, and it takes just a few minutes. Some companies like InstaFanFollowing do not ask about your login password to boost your YouTube views. Instead, select your website, which is secure, go through their policies and also see if they are using an SSL certificate or not.


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Conclusion: At last, it is always recommended to create high-quality content while keeping your audience in mind and follow the above tactics to boost the algorithm of YouTube so that you can easily reach your goals. This will defiantly going to lead your watch time and will add a large number of subscribers to your list. Look at How Can I Learn Marketing Through Instagram ? for more on social media.