San-Claire Design Labs

Experimentation Design Lab

Chris San-Claire Graphic Design Lab

Logo Design Experiments

San-Claire lab finds some of the work and experiments of projects and ideas finished and not so finished.

Graphic Art Manipulation

A range of projects and ideas of digital graphical artwork through image manipulation

Typographic Lounge

Trial and error mixing different typefaces and how they can be used together to create.

About Chris San-Claire

What a good question? What about me? Well, I have been around for some time; I’ve always had an inquisitive mind, always searching for information, how and why thing where what they were.

Brought up with arts and crafts in my younger years, I am a person that likes to create things.

In the late 1990’s I picked up photography, and with time, I had a darkroom in my bathroom. That time passed, I did try to make a career out of its back competition was too great in a city as large as London.

I carried on with it for some time. Even digital cameras had worked their way into my collection; by then, the internet of things, world wide world, started with HTML & Cascading style sheets.

Once digital had arrived, and processing was all on-disk image retouching and manipulation intrigued my interest.

In the last few years, I have been more into logo design and Brand Identity, taking online courses and hours of YouTube videos learning new skills and techniques.

Here we are starting an afresh site to place all good or bad outcomes of my work-on-show. There is a sister site called Nuision Designs which I started some 11 years ago. Hence experimental.


Design Lab

A combination of shapes, forms, typography and digital image manipulation to create fantasy compositions as well as combining message.

Stopping to look at shapes and forms that we are surrounding us, how they work and could be used if understood its purpose and function.

How shapes and forms can be used to create a vast amount of signs and symbols of a much more complex message or idea

  • Inspiration 20% 20%
  • Experimentation 40% 40%
  • Creativity 40% 40%

Typographic Experiment

I am looking at experimenting with typography, examing their form and shapes. The pairing of fonts to see combinations and put them in many graphic projects to see how they react with one thing or the other.

The use of them as day-to-day projects in products, posters, and logo design shows how one feels and reacts to the size and shapes combined to form a message and feelings.

I have many thoughts and ideas. I have to find a way to use them best to suite the project.